Mono: CaseStudy Reel

EDITING/3D MODELING/MOTION GRAPHICS: A piece done for the ad agency Mono to be used as a case study reel for their work up to 2010. Editing and compositing was done in After Effects. The 4As award was modeled/animated in Cinema 4D.

Target: Liz Lange: Maternity Wear video: Fall 2011

VIDEO EDITING: A few of many video edits done for Target's Liz Lange maternity wear line. Editing consisted of shot selections, music and VO synching, lighting effects and color correction.

DECE Video Demo

MOTION GRAPHICS: An animated piece designed as a promotion for DECE, a digital consortium aimed at providing consumers with licensed use of video/music media across digital platforms. Elements were designed and animated with After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D

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