Motorola: Carrier Packaging System

DESIGN: A packaging challenge to give both the phone maker Mototora and their various carriers prominence in branding across their line of consumer mobile electronics. I developed a sleeve system that made allowed Motorola to have a standard branding of black along the top/bottom of the packing while allowing the carrier to use their brand consistently on the sides of the product packages.

  • PrintPack_Motorola_02
  • PrintPack_Motorola_01

Target: RedCard Welcome Kit

DESIGN: DesignGuys had me design a new welcome kit for Target RedCard members. The kit needed to stand out while still sturdy and leveraging an older existing form factor (mailing envelope). I designed a translucent belly band to wrap around a Target red foil envelope. Several ideas were pitched for chotchkies which included a card holder, and keychain notepad.

  • PrintPack_TargetWK_01
  • PrintPack_TargetWK_02

Hitchcock Railways: Branding Collateral

DESIGN: Print collateral for a private train collector. I did Design, print production and photography/treatment for all pieces.


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