space150: Version 31 Ring

3D MODELING: A ring was designed to be 3D printed. Several versions were designed an modeled. The end result was to produce a piece that was rustic with a classic design. Modeling and redering was done in Cinema 4D.

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Vente-Privee: Website

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Contacted by channels through American Express to create a new face for the France-based company Vente-Privee. This would be the initial launch of the site for the US market. Objectives were to create a new experience geared towards the flash sale consumer, while preserving the high end aesthetic and brand-centric mantra of Vente-Privee. Use of web 2.0 technologies would be implemented to heighten the senses while telling a story through one seamless experience. A simple design frames the beautiful product photography while giving the user several ways to explore the site. Navigation is dynamic and fluid enabling a seamless transition for one sale to the next. Special attention is paid to creating a space for each product vendor allowing the user to explore and familiarize themselves with each brand.

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Younicorn iPhone App

UX/DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR: Mono came to PopLife to develop a promotional iPhone app for their agency. I was the liaison between my development team and the creative team at Mono. My duties included managing the development timeline, UX consultation, and assuring navigation/aesthetics were consistent to meet Apple's human interface standards.


Monocles: Design for 3D Printing

3D MODELING: Worked with a designer to create Monocles: a mini-mascot for the ad agency Mono. Original sketches were translated to a 3D model that was then printed in 3D with a translucent resin. All modeling was done in Cinema 4D.


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Target: In-Store Clinics

INTERIOR DESIGN/3D MODELING: Target came to DesignGuys to create the new look and feel for the Target Clinic that would replace their Minute Clinics in-store. Several camera shots were done using actual Target furniture, colors and materials. Even a custom pager was design for the stores.

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Luminque: Bottle Forms and Packaging

DESIGN/3D MODELING: DesignGuys had me create several models for their client Luminique. They were looking for a better way of product visualization and given the quality of the materials used, simple illustrations for photoshop mockups would not suffice. All forms were modeled to scale in Cinema 4D and post work was done in Photoshop.

  • PrintPack_Luminique_02
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