Luminque: Bottle Forms and Packaging

DESIGN/3D MODELING: DesignGuys had me create several models for their client Luminique. They were looking for a better way of product visualization and given the quality of the materials used, simple illustrations for photoshop mockups would not suffice. All forms were modeled to scale in Cinema 4D and post work was done in Photoshop.

  • PrintPack_Luminique_02
  • PrintPack_Luminique_01

Target: Power Aisle Drum Sign

DESIGN/3D MODELING: Target gave DesignGuys an opportunity to innovate their Power Aisle signage category. I explored several new directions but landed on a completely new form factor for the typical signage that faces 2-4 directions to an omni-directional piece complete with lighting and motorized rotation. The final pieces that went in-store were not motorized but simple to assemble and led the way for many more pieces to follow its form factor.

  • PrintPack_PowerAisle_01
  • PrintPack_PowerAisle_02
  • PrintPack_PowerAisle_03
  • PrintPack_PowerAisle_04

Motorola: Carrier Packaging System

DESIGN: A packaging challenge to give both the phone maker Mototora and their various carriers prominence in branding across their line of consumer mobile electronics. I developed a sleeve system that made allowed Motorola to have a standard branding of black along the top/bottom of the packing while allowing the carrier to use their brand consistently on the sides of the product packages.

  • PrintPack_Motorola_02
  • PrintPack_Motorola_01

DECE Video Demo

MOTION GRAPHICS: An animated piece designed as a promotion for DECE, a digital consortium aimed at providing consumers with licensed use of video/music media across digital platforms. Elements were designed and animated with After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Cinema 4D

Starwood Hotels: Preferred Guests Sizzle Reel

MOTION GRAPHICS: An animation contracted by The Lacek group for their Starwood Hotels account. Video was designed to be a promotional piece for the Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program. Work was done using After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Twitterverse: Initial Render

3D/MOTION GRAPHICS: A 3D generated background for a Target Twitter aggregation visualizer. All elements were modeled and animated in Cinema 4D, clouds, reflection maps and color correction were done in After Effects.

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