As much as I'd love to show you the work I've done for Apple, we're just gonna have to meet face to face to look at all this neat stuff — that's more fun anyways!


American Express: Plum Welcome Kit

CREATIVE DIRECTOR/3D MODELING: Several package and collateral designs for American Express Plum Card Members. 3D models were created to better illustrate the crafted form and materials to be used.

  • PrintPack_Plumkit_01
  • PrintPack_Plumkit_02
  • PrintPack_Plumkit_05
  • PrintPack_Plumkit_04
  • PrintPack_Plumkit_03

CuteBot: v2.0

3D MODELING: A character model translated from a simple illustration. Several iterations were created to test textures, materials, and HDRI environments.


  • 3D_CuteBot_04
  • 3D_CuteBot_03
  • 3D_CuteBot_02

space150: Version 31 Ring

3D MODELING: A ring was designed to be 3D printed. Several versions were designed an modeled. The end result was to produce a piece that was rustic with a classic design. Modeling and redering was done in Cinema 4D.

  • PrintPack_v30Ring
  • PrintPack_v30Ring_02

Monocles: Design for 3D Printing

3D MODELING: Worked with a designer to create Monocles: a mini-mascot for the ad agency Mono. Original sketches were translated to a 3D model that was then printed in 3D with a translucent resin. All modeling was done in Cinema 4D.


  • PrintPack_Monocles_04
  • PrintPack_Monocles_03
  • PrintPack_Monocles_02

Target: In-Store Clinics

INTERIOR DESIGN/3D MODELING: Target came to DesignGuys to create the new look and feel for the Target Clinic that would replace their Minute Clinics in-store. Several camera shots were done using actual Target furniture, colors and materials. Even a custom pager was design for the stores.

  • PrintPack_Clinic_01
  • PrintPack_Clinic_02
  • PrintPack_Clinic_03
  • PrintPack_Clinic_04
  • PrintPack_Clinic_05
  • PrintPack_Clinic_06
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