Minnesota Opera: Imagine Opera Website

DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR/MOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNER: Develop a site for designers EightHourDay that functionally complements a beautiful aesthetic with a fully integrated glossary, background particle engines, dynamic transitions, and random loading backdrops. This site was the featured web pick of the day on Communication arts. A full glossary has been integrated within the site to work both on its own page and within the timeline as keywords within event descriptions. Activation is intuitive and simplified by rollover sections rather than standard buttons. Rich images fill the screen with dynamic transitions and helpful information overlays within the gallery section. A timeline was also developed to give the audience a visual representation of the various periods of opera. The star field also functions as a navigation for operatic pieces relative to their time period. Three backdrops were developed to load randomly creating a fresh experience with every user’s visit. These backdrops are enhanced with random particle engines suck as dust, fairy lights and lightening. Flash video is also used with 3D generated loops for effects like smoke, light rays and flowing water.

vist site

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