American Express: Centurion Lounge External Site

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: American Express came to space150 to design the external site for their new Centurion Lounges. These lounges are an en-devour to create a cohesively branded and premium airport experience for American Express card members. Objectives were to create an informative hub for the upcoming lounges using Las Vegas as the inaugural location. Highlights would be the robust menu and drink/wine list unique to each lounge. Each lounge would also feature a head chef and sommelier. Mobile accessibility was to be a primary goal while keeping cost down by utilizing responsive design with one code base. Look and feel were to match the already underway internal site. Users have instant access to the various amenities both common and unique to each lounge through a dynamic carousel. Food and drink menus are prominently featured with rich photography and detailed descriptions for each item. The mobile experience takes advantage of the responsive code used for the site. Columns collapse to a single scroll and no space is wasted as the primary navigation is minimized. The American Express iNav is conveniently hidden until needed. Smart anchoring allows the user to quickly jump to sections within larger scrolling pages. Viewers may jump from one lounge location to another while still maintaining their relative position within the site experience. Custom maps have been designed to show the user the exact location of the lounge within the airport.

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